About Me:)

 Heyy, My names Kylee Raye Potter, I'm 14 and I blow my candles out on August 3rd.I go to the Pohi, I'm a Freshman.I enjoying playing Football With the guys. I'm known to throw a football like a guy...I hit really hard for a girl. I may enjoy plaing Football but my sport is actually Basketball. I was in Chorus for my 5th,6th and 7th grade year so I guess i'm a pretty good singer.My best friend Is Lexy kate hall...She's a friend  that any girl would want and is still out there looking for. she's like a four leaf clover hard to find but Lucky to have.I never have regrets,I have memories....I'm not a fighter i'm a lover. I don't start the fights I end them.I have 3 other siblings... Kameron: he's 8 and he's my step. Keirston: she's 6 and she's my other step. Koree: she's 11 and She's real blood sister even though sometimes I wish she wasn't:)... I am single,but at the moment...I need to actually lay low and just meet Mr.Right and get to know him before I start dating.I don't like Break ups and I have had my heart broken a few times... But I don't think i've ever broken anybody's hearts. I love making new friends, and I'm awesome at making people laugh and smile. I'm known as "Smiley Kylee" because i'm constantly smiling and laughing at the silliest things and at Random times. I'm not perfect and I'm never here to please anybody. So don't expect anything because your not getting it out of me... I am who i am and I'm not changing it... If you don't like me for me then it's your loss and your problem... I give people 2nd chances but thats all they get, They screw up... Goodbye.I'm a very easy outgoing person, I'm never hateful unless you really irrated me then "KABOOM"! my fuse runs out!I love cooking and I'm very good at it. I love my food and the best part about cooking is you get to taste before anyone else does. I plan to go to college and be either a Culinary chef or a vet.. So either way, I'm trying to be successful and i'm not letting anyone or anything get in the way of my futre.I do hope for some day that I get married and Have 4  Beautiful Children.... their names will be ( boy:Kaden Lee,Boy:Tyson Wayne..:Girl....Whitney Paige. Girl:...Stacey Leann,) I do make mistakes But I have learned from them. Nobody's perfect... I don't care Who says the are,Perfect doesn't exist in my eyes. I wasn't even supose to be born, My sister or I...The Doctor said my mom said she wasn't capable of having Children and it was a miracle that she had us.I never had a great childhood, My parents got divorced before i was even 10. My mom was in the hospital in okc for about 2 years of my life. Doctors found a tumor in her head and gave her surgery, They didn't think she would make it but they were wrong.She fought for us girls. They finally put her on this medication that made her fat and a diabetic.I thought my life was to a end when I heard about my moms death, She has had my other half of my heart and I believe she took it with her. She's my everything and she means the world to me. But now I know that she's in better hands and that she loved me. On the bright side i bet she's now my Guardian angel. I only survived of my heart ache is because I knew I still had a loving family on my side and my wonderful bestest friend Lexy cheering me up.But I'm glad  I even had her as a mom, And I'm very thankful for what she has taught me and what I now become in life..."I love you mom"     If there's anything else you would like to know about me Hit me up  on Facebook:)